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Handmade Belgian chocolate truffles with a Somerset honey ganache

At Wight Holiday Lettings, we’re passionate about local produce and independent producers. Although not based on the Isle of Wight, we wanted to share the story of a Somerset Beekeeper who is producing some remarkable treats, which we recommend you try for yourself. Here’s a little bit about how it all got started

Passionate about bee keeping

Many years ago, I started bee keeping and in no time at all became completely obsessed. These amazing little creatures were around when dinosaurs roamed the earth and have featured during the whole of human history.

I am a member of the Somerset Beekeepers’ Association Central Division and each year help out with the annual Beginners course by presenting a lecture on an aspect of beekeeping. My premises are registered with the Mendip District Council and has a 5-star hygiene rating.

Choc-o-honey wouldn’t be possible without our busy Somerset bees

About 5 years ago I started rearing new queen bees from a hive that exhibited similar characteristics of the native black honey bee. These characteristics include flying and foraging at lower temperatures as well as flying in light wind and rain. While bees imported from somewhere like Italy might produce more honey in good years, to my mind my bees are better suited to the variable climate we have in the U.K. and also feel more natural.

Native black honey bee colonies still survive in their purest form on the Isle of Mann, parts of Ireland, Scotland and northern England. There is also a project running in Cornwall called the B4 project. The demise of the native black honey bee started when bees started to be imported around the 1850’s, we can’t change history but we can support native bees. Find out more by visiting the B4 project.

Visit to buy handmade artisan chocolate truffles with a silky-smooth Somerset Honey ganache. All prices include postage and packing to the UK and use the BEE NAUGHTY voucher code to save £1. Only the finest Belgian chocolate is used which helps give the chocolate a natural shine and satisfying snap when you bite into it.  Chocolates will arrive in gift wrapped packaging complete with a black and gold honey bee ribbon. Please see website for details.